5 Stars garage door has been fabricating high cycle grille aluminum doors, steel rolling doors, security shutters, folding doors and more since 2010 in Los Angeles.

Heavy duty commercial rolling door for parking garages in apartment complexes or manufacturing and retail facilities provides noise reduction and no visibility. Secure, reliable and long-lasting doors.

Good for retail, manufacturing applications, parking garages

Commercial rolling door designed to provide maximum security for storefronts. Operation with pull chain manual or electric motor. Built for long lasting performance.

Ideal for storefronts, retail and restaurants applications

High cycle aluminum grilles designed for heavy traffic use up to 50,000 cycles. Excellent security and see trough appearance provides safe exit/ entry. Durable aluminum curtain, bottom bar and side guides

Suitable for parking structures of apartments and business offices, airports, large size openings

Coil grilles provide excellent security and safety for storefront entry/ exit. Light weight construction. Low usage up to 10,000-15,000 cycles. Elegant aesthetic appearance than solid metal shutters

Ideal for shopping malls, airports, schools, office halls, exhibitions, kiosks, service counters

Insulated roll up door designed for parking garages, loading docks, warehouses, fire stations to provide thermal protection against water and various weather conditions. Includes weatherstripping.

Install in aviation hangars, fire houses, warehouses, loading docks, parking garages, manufacturing and correctional facilities

Rolling doors for interior or exterior storage units available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Built for security and durability in commercial facilities.

Storage units outdoor/ indoor

Side folding door provides security to storefronts. Easy operation, low maintenance parts, full visibility.

Good storefronts already secured with glass panels.

Scissor security gates also good for security and durability. Full view of outside surroundings, easy operation with hands, low maintenance parts.

Use for storefronts with glass panels, loading docks, exit/ entry openings

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