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Your Home Design. BLOGHere you can find some great ideas how to decorate your house or home for living or holidays! Plus lots of unique photos 🙂 Enjoy DesignURhome! blog

Garage door also needs some decoration for the Holidays! :_)
garage door cover

Garage door art: endless road in the woods

Endless road

pencil fence


Perfect 4th of July decoration for your garagegarage door art

Modern   Christmas Tree made of push pins.  Very creative look.


Perfect Balcony. Great idea how to design it if you have one:)


Beautiful fairy tale bedroom for kids. Get inspired .

kid room

Sky-high bed. Creative solution for very small apartment.

Sky-high bed for small apt.

Just look at this unique bathroom sink design

Unique Bathroom Sink

Dream apartments with pool

Pool in your apartment

Decorate your interior with this stunning abstract lamp to add some much needed razzle dazzle:)

Explosive illusion  lampUnique lamp

Extremely unique piano-violin building in China.

Piano-violin building

Designer’s Christmas Tree CHRISMY

Designer's Christmas tree CHRISMY

Amazing composition made out colorful thread

Thread composition

Decorate your room with picturesque wall stick.

Scenic wall decoration

The days of boring garage doors are over!

The days of boring garage doors are over!

Purple pool in Los Angeles, CA

Purple pool

Healing garden

Ukraine green mile tunnel

Garage door design idea – Book shelves!

Garage door idea - book shelves

Style your garage door.  Now this 3D stickers are really popular

3D Effect garage door photo sticker

Giant  Sunglasses  mirror – super cool idea!

Sunglasses shaped mirror

Garage door art. Realistic stickers for garage walls.

Garage door art

Unique floor lamps designs- Pouring lights


Garage door 3D sticker. Endless highway:)

Garage door 3D effect sticker

Vintage car garage door sticker

Vintage  car garage door sticker!

The world’s most beautiful parking garage located  Miami, FL

The world's most beautiful parking garage

Colored pencil gates.

Colored pencil gates

Wonderful garage door art.

Wonderful garage door art

Circus top garage

Circus garage

The optical illusion garage door

The optical illusion garage

Glass wall garage door – Enjoying the view idea

Enjoying the view

Colorful lights parking in California

Bright parking garageo

Optical illusion garage door sticker – endless road

Optical illusion garage door sticker

New Automatic roof cool garage door.

Roof unusual garage

Elevator lifting underground car garage


Painted BMW garage door  design

BMW garage door

Wacky elevator car garage in Japan.

Wacky elevator car garage in Japan

Wierd garage door that looks like UFO

Wierd garage that looks like UFO

Duplex paint car garage

Duplex paint car garage - Copy

A combo : car and boat

Houseboat garage

Polka dot exterior home color:)

Polka dot exterior colors

Hello Kitty exterior colors

Hello Kitty exterior colors

Amazing rainbow exterior color

amazing rainbow exterior design

Abstract daisy exterior

Abstract daisy exterior

Wacky exterior paint in NYC

Wacky exterior paint in NYC

Urban jungle

Urban Jungle house

Boeing 727 features more than 1,000 square feet of living area
Airplane home

Tiny tumbleweed house

tiny-tumbleweed house

Futuro Flying Saucer house

Futuro Flying Saucer house in Texas

53 Square feet house in the trees

53 Square feet house on the tree

A house that rocks!

A house that rocks!

Tank on the garage door

Tank on Garage Door

“Falling Star”  House in San Diego

Falling Star house in San Diego

Hidden car garage

Now you see it - now you don't

Impressive unique garage door

Unique custom made garage door

Project of unique house in San Diego

Unique house design

Thinnest house in the world located in London

Thinnest house in the world located in London

Batman garage door

Batman garage door

Beautiful Copper garage door

copper garage door

Another copper glass garage door



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