Types of garage doors and gates and their characteristics.

In previous article we discuss how to find a company for your garage door/gate repair. Today we speak about garage doors types and their characteristics.  Let’s start with wood and metal .

Wood – ecologically and environmentally friendly product with amazing technical features. The main feature is insulation and good ventilation for garage.

You can add decoration to your wooden garage door . Carving, for example, which is now became popular.

But, of course, there is also limitation such as regular preventive maintenance (painting and cleaning), crack may appear. Wood door requires thorough chemical protection from water , fire and different kinds of insects.

Metal – durable material which is widely used to protect properties. Metal garage door is reliable protection that’s why the vast majority of car owners choose this types of doors.

Advantages: durable, reliable, long-term use, no special treatment.

Limitations: need for thorough  insulation.

Choose  type of material which your garage is going  to be made of and design it as you wish. Good luck!

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